Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I would like to publicly apologize to Eminem. A little while back, I wrote a post making fun of him for being such a jerk. I accused him of grumbling and complaining about how much he hates it that he hurt his family, yet is unwilling to do anything to change that.
Well, I recently came to learn that Eminem has re-married his ex-wife. He is trying to right the wrongs he has done, and is trying to save his family. Isn't that nice of him?!
So, now I need a question to match this little apology. Hmmm...
I really can't think of one...
... ... ... ... ...
Oh. I think I thought of one.
Soon, Becky and I are starting a series that will last for the next few weeks. Any guesses on what our series is about? I think you'll enjoy it. It should be starting on February 2nd or 3rd.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Precious Jewels

Be forwarned: the following may contain gross images.
So in high school, abby and i had to read a good manners rule book of sorts fromthe renaisanse period. There was one thing that always stuck out to us. Ive been remembering it all these years adn just a little bit ago i mentioned it to abby. And she remembered it too! It said that "thou shalt not blow thine nose into a hankerchief and behold it as if it were precious jewels." That always made us giddy, because how true is it! I think everyone blows their nose and looks to see what came out. At least i think everyone does. Let us know.
The other thing is, i am positive everyone in the world picks their nose when no one is looking. Lets face it. Tissues dont really work all that well. So do you pick your nose? If you are too embarassed to answer, at least comment under the anonymous feature.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Triple Digits

Happy Birthday to me! ... Or more like, Happy Birthday to Just A Quick Question!

My blog is officially 100 posts old! This gives cause for deep reflection. There were good times, there were not-so-good times. Good posts, and to put it bluntly- crappy posts. There were a few gems though. I, personally, loved the Deer Tick Warning one. It made me giggle.

So, in honor of this historic occasion, I thought I'd ask a question that I've been very curious about the past few months that I've been blogging. Here it is:

So how did you come across Just a Quick Question? Some of you I know how... but most I don't. Did you find me because I posted on your site? Did you find me through the "Next Blog" icon? Or via someone else's blog? I am very curious.

My longest running reader is, of course, Becky L. She found this blog because, well, she's my sister. The next one is Dairn. I know the answer to his: I commented on his blog first. I was at another blog, read a comment he had made, and went to his site because of it. I loved his blog- laughed my booty off! Then he started visiting here.

So tell me about you. I actually am VERY curious!

I am very glad you're all here! In the very begining, if you read the first few posts, you'll notice a lot of commenters who weren't bloggers. yeah... that was me. I'm pathetic! I just felt better thinking that someone was reading it... I'm lame! So anyways, I love yall!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Lazy/Busy Me

I would like to apologize to all of my blog peeps. Sorry that I haven't been faithful in reading your blogs. I'm been SOOO busy lately. I've been working on Report Cards for my students. Not fun. It wasn't really what I would consider hard... But it was time consuming.

And then when I did have a free moment, I felt so lazy. I just wanted to fall into bed. (It's my favorite place in the world!) I did manage to write a few posts of my own. And I thought- I don't have time to read everyone's blog, so I didn't read any. Lazy, I know.
So what I think I'm gonna do is try to read 5 each day. I'll try to do more, but I can't make any promises.

Anyway, so I'm sorry for being a bad blogger friend. Please don't hate me!

So, the question of the day is: What's something you've done that deserved an apology to someone else, but you never actually said sorry?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

what an odd little thing...

Isnt it interesting how people can have such odd, little habbits? things they do that are just... well, odd!

This especially happens when driving... If no one is driving with you, then out of boredom you start doing some of these odd little things...

I do this odd thing... When i drive, i look at the BIG green signs that say what exits are coming up, how many miles till such and such a place, what route you're on, and so on. And when i see them, i think: "i wonder how big that is in proportion to my body? is it taller than me? is it shorter?" and i actually imagine myself next to it, trying to gauge how big it is.

I'm so odd.

What odd little things do you do when driving?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

All good things come in fours

Ok, this comes from a tag from Raj.
Instead of passing it along as a tag, i'm gonna invite you all to share some of
your own answers under the comments...

4 Jobs you've had in your life:
-Tutor (when i was in High School, i tutored a 7th grade kid)
-Camp Counselor (for FIVE summers)
-Housekeeping (cleaned guest rooms at my college)
-Sales associate at Victoria's Secret Beauty (just perfume/makeup)

4 Movies you'd watch over and over
-Moulin Rouge (i like to sing along)
-Queen of the Damned (i'm obsessed with vampires AND stuart townsend)
-Zoolander (most people thought this was dumb-- but it makes me laugh!)
-Harry Potter (all of them!)

4 places you have lived
-Whitehall PA
-Columbia SC
-Lancaster PA (the actually city)
-Where i am now -- in Lancaster County PA

4 TV shows you love to watch
-The Office
-Law and Order (any variety)
-The Today Show

4 Places you have been on vacation
-Orlando, FL and a cruise to various islands (like Nassau or however its spelled)
-Niagra Falls in Canada
-Pocono mountains of PA
-Chincoteague Island VA

4 Favorite Foods
-PIEROGIES!!! (do any of you even know what they are?)
-Philly Cheese steaks
-Pasta with tomatoes and cheese (i make it for erica and me)
[notice how all start with a P]

4 Places you'd rather be right now
-The mall
-Anywhere with my sister (awe, how cute)
-Coffee shop

4 Books you loved reading
-Any and all Harry Potter books
-An Unquiet Mind
-Interview with a Vampire

Monday, January 16, 2006


Stuart & Charlize 4 Ever

Watching the Golden Globes tonight, I was inspired with the idea for a post. It hit me when I was watching the Red Carpet show. They did a mini-interview with the ever-wonderful Charlize Theron. And I noticed a huge void next to her.... Where was Stuart! Did they break up? Is he deathly ill? Is he too embarassed to come since his tv show tanked? What's happening? I felt myself slipping into a dark abyss. Life has no purpose anymore!
Then the interviewer chick asked Charlize where Stuart was tonight.... I tiny spark of hope filled me.... She replied that he is currently away filming a movie and wasn't able to make it. OH PURE JOY! All is well in the world.

They are just so perfect together! They're engaged. I can't wait til they're married! How wonderful! They've stuck together through so much. When she gained over 30 pounds to do "Monster," he still loved her. And even though his career isn't all peachy, she still loves him!

They've done 3 movies together so far. They met while shooting the movie "Trapped." (Never saw it though). They did "Head in the Clouds" together. Amazing movie. And she stared in Aeon Flux, and he had a role in it, too. (Never saw that one. Not really my kind of movie. But I think I will see it, just cuz it's them) I just love them!

A quick key to the pics: The top left is them at an awards ceremony, the middle right is from their movie "Head in the Clouds," and the bottom left is them in "Aeon Flux."

So my question is: Who is your favorite Hollywood couple? Of course, by now you know mine is Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron. But who is yours? and it doesn't have to be a couple that is still together. You can say, "My all-time favorite couple was Tom and Nicole. I hate Cruise for leaving her! They were so great together!" You know Hollywood. No one stays together. Except for Charlize and Stuart. They will ALWAYS be together.

Quick Rant- I'm mad about the Golden Globes tonight. For leading actress in a movie drama, I wanted either Charlize Theron (for North Country) or Ziyi Zhang (for Memoirs of a Geisha). I didn't really care who won. They are both amazing! I haven't seen North Country yet, but I love Charlize. And yall already know how I feel about Memoirs. And who won? That chick from Desperate Housewives doing a movie about transvestites. It's not the movie persay that I am upset about. It's the chick. In my opinion, she's over-rated. She can't even get close to the awesomeness of Charlize and Ziyi.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

VH1's Got It Right!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to watch "I Love The 80's" on VH1. If you've never seen it, they go through the 80's and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of that decade. Each segment is maybe an hour and govers one year. They'll talk about movies, TV shows and commercials, music, clothes, fads, products, world events, etc. It's great! Sometimes, I'll be watching it, and they'll mention some fad, and I'll say, "Wow! I forgot about that! That was so horrible!"

So the question: What did you love the most about the 80's? What do you wish they'd bring back?
Or even yet, what are you so glad isn't around anymore? What was horrid about the 80's?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

frankly, my dear, i dont give a d- - -

Let me tell you about our brother... He's cool. Everyone thinks he's the funniest guy ever. He always has these "catch-phrases" that make people laugh. We think that he's ingenious for coming up with them...

... But most of the time, it actually comes from a movie or tv show.

My husband did a similar thing. Whenever he was sick or in pain, he'd say: "I cant feel my toes." I thought it was ridiculous, and i couldnt stand it. Then... one fateful night, we were watching a movie... and one of the characters said it!

"i cant feel my toes... I DONT HAVE ANY TOES!"

do you know what movie it was from?

Let's all share favorite movie quotes in the comments. Then, give the answers in the post directly after this one.

Here are some other quotes that i like:

-Good morning sunshine! The earth says "hello!"

-My little strawberry!... Everythings going so WELL!!!

Were you able to stump everyone?

Share the answers to your quotes under comments here.

My answers:

-I cant feel my toes; i dont have any toes---> Shrek [donkey says it.]
-Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello ---> Charlie and the CHocolate Factory [Johny Depp- ie: willy wonka]
-My little strawberry.. Everythings going so well! ---> Moulin Rouge [Zidler says it to Satine]

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Be Still My Beating Heart

Ok. So tomorrow is Pajama Day at school. Teachers and students are all supposed to wear PJs. Well, I sleep in sweat pants and a T-shirt. (really sexy, aren't I?) After work, I went to Walmart to buy some cute PJs. I love them! They're like a red/pink/white flannel. I feel like a pepermint.

I go to check out at the "self-check" aisle. I love being able to swipe the bar codes myself! Well, I go to swipe my PJs... and there's no tag on them. So I have to leave and walk to the very back of the store to get a pair that does have a tag. By the time I get to the front again, there's a couple at my self-check lane. Grrr... So I decided to go to another line that has an actual cashier lady. I go on up and set down my purchases and wait til the person ahead of me is done. Well, I glance over at the person.... OH MY GOD! It's only THE hotest guy I've ever known! He makes my heart go pitter-patter. I knew this guy a while back. We did have a few "moments." (Or at least, that's how I took it!) He's hot! I mean, REALLY hot! Totally not my type... But just thinking about him... Mmm! (Ok, maybe that was too much!)

So I said "Oh hi, Matt!" (Probably a little too excitedly. I'm pathetic) He says hi back, then silence. And I'm thinking, "Oh no! He doesn't even remember me!" After a small pause, then he does start talking to me. He paused cuz he was getting his $ out to pay. After he got his change, he stuck around to talk til I was finished checking out. Then we walked out to the parking lot and...... said goodbye.

I so suck! I should have said something. But I was too scared I'd blurt out, "I want to have your babies!" or some such thing. I'm not too good at the whole guy thing. So, what do I do?

  1. Just let it go. He's too hot for lowly me.... Ok, I think I am in some regards attractive. But I'm not all that.
  2. Forget about it. Maybe he really didn't remember me. It's not too hard to pretend you know someone. I don't remember him using my name. Crap!
  3. Wait for him to call me. So what if he doesn't have my number. If he really is interested, he'll call our mutual friend for it.
  4. Call our mutual friend and get his email addy. Play it semi-safe. If he's not interested, he just won't reply.
  5. Get his phone number from the forementioned friend. I mean, come on! It surely was a sign from God! If I hadn't had to go to the back of the store, I never would have seen him.
  6. Go to his house. I know where he lives... I had helped him move in to his place a while back.

Things that go BUMP in the night

You are driving at night on a dark, windy back road. Its been snowing, so the roads are quite slippery. Every now and again, you feel your car starting to slide, but you manage to stay on the road. You look out into the woods; The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But you have promises to keep, And miles to go before you sleep, And miles to go before you sleep...


You touch your face, your arms, your legs... Yes, you're still alive. But what happened? Upon stepping out of your car, you see the culprit:

A deer jumped out in front of your car. Stupid deer. Its a big one too-- A TEN point buck. He's still faintly alive though. He's wimpering and looking at you with eyes full of pity.

What do you do with it?

A. Reverse your car, then put it in drive, speed up, and hit it again-- best put it out of its misery.
B. Dial 911-- maybe they can get an ambulance to come and save the deer's life.
C. Call your buddies over-- they LOVE some good deer meat (yum, venison!)
D. Cut its head off, then get it mounted to hang on your wall at home-- how often does someone get a ten point buck!
E. Drive away and pretend like nothing happened.

[I am sorry for those of you who do not have snow or a plethera of deer around your areas. And in case you dont know: ten point deer means that its antlers have ten little sprout things.]

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Gotta Love The BOGO

Picture this:

You're out for a fun day of shopping. Nothing gives you greater pleasure than to shop and find the best deals out there. You know... Those jeans that are marked down in clearance, and then there's an extra 50% off.... Or those sweaters that are buy one get one free... Or DVDs that are buy 2 get 2 free. You love getting more for your money.

So, you pick up a few things. There are some good deals here. You pay for your stuff, and walk away. As you're heading for your car, you start thinking... That bill was a bit higher than you thought it would be. You take out your receipt and have look. They charged you $25 for that shirt when it was marked down as $20.

Now you're caught in this perdicament. What to do? It's only $5 and you're already in your car. But then again, you're always such a thrifty shopper... You could have stretched that $5 and gotten lots at the next store.

What would you do?

Lil' Oinker

Scroll down to the very bottom of this page. I just added a little pet! He's so cute... He follows around your cursor. You can feed him apples. If you click him, he oinks. And if you click him a lot, he rolls in the mud. Then you can give him a bath. It's so cute!

I wanted to put him in my sidebar... But he's too wide. It wouldn't fit. So he's been banished to the bottom of my blog where no one will see him. Poor Lil' Oinker!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

dont get caught with dirty underwear!

i remember all the jokes or whatever that people should never wear dirty underwear-- cuz if they are in some sort of accident and get rushed to the hospital, you'll be quite embarrassed!

yeah, lame.

BUT... there are things i'm afraid that people will catch me with.

Example: i'm almost paranoid that when i'm home and pop a zit, someone's gonna come knocking at my door and i'm gonna have to answer it with my face all bright red and bloody-- even though it rarely happens that someone unexpectedly knocks at my door. Or [along the same lines], i'll get pulled over by a cop after i've popped a zit, and he'll think i'm weird.

So, whats an example that you can come up with?''

[Just to remind you all (though i'm sure you all already know this), keep everything nice and clean! dont be TOO disturbing.]

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's Not OCD! I'm Just .... Particular

So I was at Sam's Club the other day... Oh- If you've never been inside one, here's a quick description: There are piles and piles of stuff in mass quantities. For instance, in one aisle there were boxes and boxes of hand soap, dish washer soap, Clorox wipes, etc. Each of the boxes held maybe 20 huge bottles of soap, wipes, etc. And there were boxes stacked on boxes, stacked on boxes.
Well, as I was walking down this particular aisle, I saw the most hillarious/sad sight I've ever seen. There was this guy walking down the aisle "organizing" everything. Note: he did NOT work for the store. If there were 2 boxes of hand soap, each being partially empty, he would take all of the soap out of the 1st box and put it into the 2nd box, hence making 1 empty box and 1 full box. He did this all the way up and down the aisle, and then moved to the next aisle. I wanted to laugh! But at the same time... I felt bad for him. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder sucks!

Now, I do believe that everyone has OC tendencies. I'm not saying everyone has OCD. Just that everyone displays some forms of OC behavior, even if it is just slight.

So share. In what ways are you OC? Be honest!

Have any of you ever seen the TV show "Monk"? It is hillarious! It's about a private investigator who is over-the-top OC. Take the "Are You Monk-ish" Quiz! Good times had by all!

Tell me about your Monk-ish results and tell me about your OC tendencies.

a short not-so-important question

please read the previous question. This is just a "technical" question...
do any of you use yahoo mail? i cant get it to open. I tried yesterday and today. i keep getting an error page. its quite annoying. and its not just that i cant log in. Everytime i just type "mail.yahoo.com" it wont open up. grr argg...
ok, thats it.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Some advertising gurus are quite ingenious with their ad campaigns. Others just suck.

But, every now and then, something catchy and original comes out. A little slogan that you just LOVE!

I remember when Vanilla Coke first came out, i'd hear the ad on the radio all the time:

Okay, i dont actually drink it. I drink Diet Vanilla Pepsi. But its close enough. I love the ad though. In some ways, i think it describes ME. yes, I'm oh-so-smooth, and very intriguing.

What advertising slogan best descibes you?

The Source of This Madness I Call My Blog

In case you haven't guessed it... A lot of silly scenarious on this blog actually came from real-life situations that I have found myself in. You know, those silly stories that are written in 2nd person point of view. Almost all of them have happened to me.

The previous post about McGriddles also stemmed from personal experience. I ordered the aforementioned meal, and received a Egg McMuffin. The VERY NEXT DAY, I went and ordered a McGriddle. I receieved a sausage, egg, & cheese biscuit. I was spittin' mad! But I didn't do anything about it. The VERY NEXT DAY I went and ordered my beloved sausage, egg, & cheese McGriddle, and I received a BACON, egg, & cheese McGriddle. I was fit to be tied! But I still didn't do anything. The VERY NEXT DAY I went to McD's for breakfast w/ my parents on our way to Becky's... I got my meal correct! ... But they messed up my mom's order!

For now on, I'm checking the bag!

(No question with this one. Just thought I'd share my inner most thoughts... Or something!)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Woes of Fast Food Drive-Thru's

So, you're starving. For days you've had a huge craving for a McGriddle. Yummmmmm! You're running late for work, but you decide to splurge and waste 5 minutes by doing the drive-thru thing. You order you McGriddle meal with a Coke (no coffee- you don't have the time to stir in the sugar and creamer). You pull out of the place. As you drive, you pull out the hash brown. It's pretty good. Then... the McGriddle!

Now, it's really early as you drive to work. It's still dark outside, so you can't really see things. You reach into the bag, pull out the sandwich, try to unwrap it while keeping your eyes on the road. You take a bite with expectations of warm pancake with imbedded syrup and egg and sausage!

What the heck! You taste no sausage. You taste no syruppy pancake... It's a bagel with egg and bacon. You didn't order this! You didn't want this! You don't even like bagels.

What do you do?

A) Drive back and cuss them out. Who cares if you're late for work- you want your McGriddle.
B) Eat it anyway. Food is food when you're starving this badly.
C) Throw away the bagel, but eat the egg and bacon. You're not defiling yourself with nasty bagel.
D) Throw the whole thing away, but stop at the next McDonald's you pass and get a McGriddle there.
E) Get out your cell phone, call the operator, get the number for that particular McD's, and call them to cuss them out.
F) Some other original idea.