Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Strangest... WHAT?

So here's an open-ended question:

In your opinion, what is the strangest word? You know, the word that when you say it over and over again, you think "What a strange word! It sounds so wierd!"

Now, not something like:
xeroderma pigmentosum

But more like a normal, everyday word like:

let's hear it!

Where did all the chicken go?

So where DID that chicken go? I guess I'll never know...

My freshman year of college, some friends and I drove to Clemson, SC because we were bored. (That was a bit over 45 minutes away) We went to Zaxby's for some food.... and we found that horrible note

Ran out of chicken!

We decided to walk over to the Taco Bell, which was nearby. The food wasn't as good.

But it was a memory.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I feel like chicken tonight!

OK. True story.
You go out with a group of friends for a late night snack. You tell them,
I feel like chicken tonight!

So, you head out to the nearest Zaxby's. (If you don't know what that is, I feel sorry for you. They have the best chicken in the world!) You get there a good two hours before closing. But the lights are all turned off and the doors are locked. There's a note on the door that says,
Ran out of chicken.

Do you:
  1. Grumble and go home.
  2. Grumble and go to Taco Bell, which is right next door.
  3. Grumble and wait there all night until they open the next day.
  4. Grumble and drive to the next closest Zaxby's, which is 20 minutes away.

I'll tell you next time what I did in that situation.