Monday, July 24, 2006


This post is in honor of the new Disney movie: Cars!

So, I like my car. It's been faithful to me. Listen to these great stories about how my car got my back.

After I graduated college May '05, I drove by myself from Georgia to Pennsylvania. That's about a 13 hour drive. Not a single problem during the trip. It was a smooth ride! I get home, park my car, and unpack my stuff. The very next morning, not 12 hours later, I went to go to the store, and I had a flat tire! Isn't that awesome! I was so thankful that it was after my trip, and not somewhere in Virginia.

Then more recently, Becky and I drove down to Georgia for a wedding. This was oh, 2 months ago. Trip was fine. The day after we got back, my car died. So sad, yet at least it wasn't in Virginia!

So, now let's practice some math. Before this recent trip to GA, a little light saying "O/D OFF" came on. Having never seen it before, I took it in to the garage. Sometimes, that comes on when a car needs a transmission fluid change. I spent $85 on that. The next day, the light came on again. I took the car back to the same place. They did some "tests" and said that "blaa" needed to be fixed- $275(I forget what was wrong). A week or so after the $275 bill, I left for Georgia with my sis, as mentioned above. Well, while in GA, I realized I was overdue for an oil change, so I got that done- $40ish. While there, the rednecks (no offense) pocked a hole in the pan that holds the precious transmission fluid that I had just replaced. All the trip home, I leaked fluid. And like I said, the day after I got back from GA, my car broked. I had to replace the fluid again (3/4 had leaked out) and replace the pan. Total of around $460. Well, 3 weeks later, I had to get state inspection done, plus yet another oil change. This was $95. Then (oh yes, there is another 'then!') I noticed my car had this yucky smell if I drove it more than 10 minutes. And it started jerking and shaking. So I took it into the car hospital yet again. They had to replace something inside the transmission itself. That bill was $2,100! Eek! I got my car back. They said my car should be good for several years now. THEN! 4 days later, my "service engine soon" light came on. What now! Well, I took it in yet again, ready for a fight. Here they did something wrong or something. They acceptable resposibility for it, and fixed it for free. Darn tootin'!

Calculator, please. Hmmm, add this, then that, that, and... grand total of around $3,055!

Good times!

Any similar car stories?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The New Beer

I get a kick out of all these alcoholic beverage commercials out now. They all have a tiny note on the bottom of the screen that says stuff like "drink responsibly" or "only in moderation." Some even venture to say the given words out loud, though quickly and very quietly!

The best one the I've seen is for... Oh crap! I forget one kind of drink it was for... ah well. I can still describe the commercial. It was at a fancy-shmancy party, and there was a guy pigging out on the shrimp coctail. It was actually kinda gross looking... Any the spokesperson comes out and says "The same thing about shrimp coctail is true of all coctails... Always in moderation." Hillarious! I laugh every time!

Well, just now I was watching a movie on TV... And I saw a commercial that made me giggle and gave me a great idea for a post. It was for Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate (beautiful stuff!). And I noticed on the bottom of the screen was written the words: "enjoy in moderation." I about lost it! I thought- "What?! Is chocolate the new beer?!"

So, here's the question- Some people love dark chocolate, others HATE it. Which are you? When you get a bag of assorted mini Hershey candy bars, which do you gobble up first? The Krackle, Mr. Goodbar, Milk Choc, Special Dark Choc? Do you mix it up, eating a few of each? Of eat all the Mr. Goodbar, and then move on to the Krackle. Or do you detest all things chocolate?

Well, whatever your answer, remember: