Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick-or-Treat... Give me something good to eat...

Ok, imagine yourself as a 13 yr old, prone to mischief, and are out trick-or-treating.

You go door to door, ringing the bells and shouting "Trick or Treat!" and the nice home-owners give you gobs of candy. Yum, yum... a sugar high for the next month!

You come upon a house, ring the doorbell, and no one answers. The car is in the driveway, the inside lights are on, so you KNOW someone is home. You ring again. You ring again. You ring again.

Finally, some one comes storming to the door, and grunts to you: "No candy here! Go away!!" Then, he slams the door at you.

Well... it is trick-or-treat night. And technically, if someone doesnt give you a treat, you have the right to trick them... right?

What big-time prank are you gonna pull on them? How will you get your revenge???

Friday, October 28, 2005

Double-O... 8?

If you could make up your own secret code name, what would it be?

(I know this ? is a quickie... Deal with it!)

Tag- You're It!

So I was tagged again by another one of those blogging tag games.

Well, here it goes!

10 Favorites:

Favorite Season: Fall, of course! The hot is going away, and the cool is coming in. Plus, the leaves turn such beautiful shades of rad, yellow, purple, and orange. It's great!
Favorite Sport: The only time I watch sports is when the Eagles are playing.
Favorite Time: Whenever I get to snuggle in my bed.
Favorite Month: November, because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!
Favorite Actor: Definitely Stuart Townsend. God, he's SOOOO hot!
Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate peanutbutter ripple.
Favorite Food: Pierogies! for those of you not from PA and surrounding areas, you probably have NO clue what they are, and you are totally missing out!
Favorite Drink: It's a toss-up between coffee and diet pepsi.
Favorite Place: Home, of course.

9 Currents:

Current Feeling: Out of it?
Current O/S: Windows ME.
Current Windows Open: Internet Explorer- this blog.
Current Drink: Diet Pepsi
Current Time: 10:33 PM
Current Mobile(s) Used: Cingular
Current Show on TV: Queen of the Damned is on USA. It's my favorite movie. But since I own it and watch it maybe once a month, I decided to watch something else that I own.
Current Thought: I have so much that I should be doing right now!
Current Cloths: Gap jeans (they are my new favorites), a purple long sleeved shirt from J Crew.

8 Firsts:

First Nick: Abby
First Kiss: Don't make fun, but it was on my 20th birthday.
First Crush: 1st grade- Chad Redmond. Half way through the school year, he moved to Wisconsin. I was devastated. Oh well, it wasnt meant to be.
First Computer: Some Gateway comp that my dad let me use.
First Vehicle I drove: CLARENCE! In our family, we name our cars. My sister and I shared Clarence. He was a white Plymoth Acclaim.
First Job: Camp counselor.
First Movie I watched: Right, like I remember. Probably some disney movie.
First Pet: We had turtles that were SO cute. Myrtle and Charlie were their names.
First Shave: Right, like I know. Um... Well, I do know that my sister and I learned at the same time.

7 Lasts:

Last Chai (Tea) : Goodness... probably a year ago. I normally opt for coffee
Last Movie: Well, I'm watching Clue right now.
Last Time I Drove: Today when I drove home from school.
Last Time Shaved: This morning.
Last Web Site Visited: Michaela's blog.
Last Pill I Had: Extra Strength Advil.

6 Have You Evers:

Have You Ever Broken the Law: No, unless you count speeding.
Have You Ever Been Drunk: Nope, and I don't think I'm missing out on anything.
Have You Ever Climbed a Tree: That's a 'No' also.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: No way!
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: Yeah, just this morning.... On second thought, no.
Have You Ever Broken Anyone’s Heart: Afraid so, yes.

5 Things:

Things You Can Hear Right Now: The washing machine, tv, and dish washer. Talk about noisy!
Things on Your Computer Table: Besides computer stuff- some change, perfume, 3 empty soda cans, pencils, pens, calculator, and a can of shaving cream.
Things on Your Bed: Pillows, sheets, pajamas, teddy bear.
Things You Ate Today: Scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, cheese steak, brownie.
Things in Mind: When am I going to get everything done? God, I'm tired!

4 Places You Have Been Today:Home, church, car, outside.

3 People You Can Tell Anything To: Becky,

2. Choices:

Black or White: Black-- much easier to keep clean looking
Hot or Cold: I'm very cold natured. I always feel cold. On the rare occasion that I feel hot, I hate it.

1 Thing You Want To Do Before You Die: Get married.

People I'd like to tag:

Wrigley1, Bravefish, Lorena, Angela

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dont get caught with a bear-butt

So, envision this. You are in the middle of the woods with your significant other, in a most "compromising" situation. To your horror, you hear a not-so-distant sound of crunching leaves and realize that someone is coming closer and closer to you. You look around and give a sigh of relief, followed by a sudden surge of terror...

BEAR! BEAR! BEAR! Think quick: what do you do?

a. Do a little dance for him; maybe it'll make him happy
b. Leave your significant other to deal with the bear, and make a great escape by yourself
c. Faint-- at least if you're passed out, you wont feel him mauling you
d. Go at him with sticks and stones-- maybe they WILL break his bones, before he breaks yours
e. Something else that quick runs through your mind

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A tech question

I've been trying to do cool things with my blog. But i'm very technically challenged. Towards the bottom of the template, under Powered by Blogger or whatever the thing says, this is typed:

This is a paragraph of text that could go in the sidebar.

how do i activate it?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

De-crooking the Crooked Crook

True Story
(Although it's not mine)

We have a movie bandit in our house. We have an account with Netflix and
when we are done with the film we typically leave it down at our mailbox for the
mailman to pick it up. Lately I noticed it has taken up to a week or more for
netflix to receive our returned movies, as opposed to the usual day or two at
most that it used to take. One DVD was never returned at all.
Yesterday Hubby placed the netflix envelope on the ledge above our mailbox
as usual, and when I left the house an hour later it was gone, and I knew for a
fact that the mailman hadn't even arrived yet. And what do you know that same
envelope reappeared later that evening and the seal had been opened.

What would you do in this situation? After a few answers, maybe Lorena can tell us what she did.

And yes, I have been stealing scenarios from other bloggers. I can't come up with ALL original ideas everyday! Sometimes I need to cheat a little!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hanging Out the Dirty Laundry

So, I'm doing my laundry. Looking at the tags to see how to wash them.

"Maching wash cold. Tumble dry low."
"Machine was hot. Tumble dry low."
"Machine wash cold. Flat dry."
"Maching wash warm. Line dry."
"Hand wash only."
"Dry-clean only."

Why is laundry so confusing and complicated?!?!?! Do you actually follow all of these laundry rules? Is it really so bad to machine dry a flat dry only shirt? Why are some things flat dry and some line dry? I'm gonna go crazy! HELP!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Eat More Chikin

You're feeling particularly bored one night. So, you go out with a group of friends for a late night snack. You tell them, "I feel like chicken tonight."

So, you head out to the nearest Zaxby's. (If you don't know what that is, I feel sorry for you. They have the best chicken in the world!) You get there a good two hours before closing. But the lights are all turned off and the doors are locked. There's a note on the door that says, "Ran out of chicken." By now, you've acquired a fierce craving for deliciously fried chicken fingers.

Do you:
A) Grumble and go home.
B) Grumble and go to Taco Bell, which is right next door.
C) Grumble and wait there all night until they open the next day.
D) Grumble and drive to the next closest Zaxby's, which is 20 minutes away.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dont Sell Yourself Short... Commercials Part Four

It all started on August 23rd, 2005. Yes, the "commercials" trilogy. (At "Adventures of Mommyhood," however.) I began with Commercials Part One, in which i showed my sappy/emotional side, lamenting about a little toy scuba diver.

Next came Commercials Part Two. Here, i told of when i gave into temptation. yes, i bought some products that i had seen advertised on TV. were they good purchases? you'll just have to read it to see.

Finally, there was Commercials Part Three, where i vented about comercials that tick me off. some commercials just really make me mad. i'm sure that there are some that make you mad as well.

Since the third installment, I've been mulling over ideas to continue the series. Finally, thanks to a comment posted under Just a Quick Question (the blog that you are currently frequenting), i received a bit of inspiration.

Make an infomercial about your own blog. Tell us about it. Sell it to us. Let us know why your blog is the best. Persuade us to become addicted to it.

Yes, today YOU get to be the commercial!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Playing Dress-Up

Plain and simple question for today-- What do you want to be for Halloween.

Regardless of whether you "do" halloween or not. Maybe you think its "evil," stupid, or you just dont participate...

What would you dress up as for a night? The SKY'S THE LIMIT! (well... almost.)

Think, think, think...

As for me, i would want to be the Chiquita Banana girl. I'd get to wear a cool blue dress with golden trim. Big hoop earrings. And a basket of fruit on my head! How cool is that?!?!?!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Family Bonding Time

True story:
(Though it's not mine)

"One night when I was about 17, I awoke around 1:00 AM when my phone started ringing. When I answered, there was no one there, so I attributed it to a wrong number and tried to snuggle back under the covers until I heard a scratching noise outside of my window. Thinking it was my dog clawing at my window again, I cursed at him to go away...but the scratching continued. Completely annoyed, I threw the covers off my bed and stomped over to the window. I was half asleep but because of that, the darkness and my curtains, I didn't realize that my window was now halfway open. When I rested my hand on the ledge, an arm lunged out of the darkness and grabbed my wrist and began pulling me out the window. The only thing I could see was someone in black wearing that mask from "Scream." I was so terrified that I couldn't even scream. My voice was caught in my throat and I tried to fight back but during the struggle I was suddenly caught by a second pair of hands that helped to pull me out the window.Suddenly I burst into tears. Then, just as quickly as it had begun, it was over. After successfully pulling me halfway through my bedroom window, I was released. Through my sobs I could hear my brothers laughing hysterically as they removed their masks. Evil, evil boys."

If this happened to you, how would you react? What would you do afterwards for revenge? Ah, sweet revenge!

If you would like to donate money for Linny's counseling, make checks payable to Just A Quick Question, and I'll pass it along... maybe.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Road Rage

(I promise I will get to the question. I just need to vent first.)

I'm not the "road rage" person who will run you off the road or follow you until you reach your destination and then get out and punch you. Thats just not me. BUT, there are things that tick me off about driving. Here they are:

1) People who do not use their headlights when its raining. COME ON, PEOPLE! its the LAW-- at least in PA. If your windshield wipers are going, your lights MUST be on. How stupid can people be. Think about it... If its a dim, dreary, rainy day, people are gonna have a hard time seeing you. Hence, the lights. I get so mad at it that i start flashing people. (With my highbeams, of course.) grrr.

2) People who don't use their headlights in work zones. Again, a PA Law. This time, however, people cannot claim ignorance. B/C, when you enter every work zone, there are signs that say: Turn Headlights On. People, please dont be so stupid.

3) People who block intersections. Ok, i know that we are all wanting to quickly get to our destinations. So, you may have the urge to block the intersection just so that you can get a little bit further. STOP IT! b/c, really you arent getting that much closer. Plus, you are blocking everyone else who wants to quickly get to their destination too but cant cuz they cant cross the road.

4) PA road workers. Well, not the workers themselves. They're just doing what they're told. but whoever came up with the awful ideas of how to fix the roads is just a LUNATIC! see, they just patch up small (or large) holes. but its completely uneven. so, you drive and go bump, bump, bump. OR EVEN WORSE, they repave the entire road. why is this bad? well, the road is nice and new, so you can go super fast... until encountering a bridge. they dont repave the bridge. so, since the road has been repaved for the tenth time (cuz PA cant get it right the first time, and ends up repaving every two or three years), you go ka-plunk down onto the bridge and ka-plunk back up when the bridge is over. AAHHH! my little car cant take it. i actually have to SLOW DOWN at bridges. arggg, it makes me mad.

5) People who cut corners. ARGG! this makes me SO mad. why make such sharp turns??? its not that much harder to take the turn the CORRECT way. there have been countless times when i have been stopped at a stop sign, waiting patiently to make my turn, and someone does a sharp turn onto the road and almost takes me out. JERKS!


what gives you road rage?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


So, you're out hiking with a group of friends. Talk about fun!

Oops! You forgot to go to the bathroom before yall started the hike. You search for a bathroom, but all you can find in the woods is a lone outhouse.

You open the squeaky door... Inside you find spider webs, flies, and God knows what else! Scary!

So, do you use the outhouse... and risk your life in doing so? Or do you find an alternate solution? Whatever you decide, decide it quick! This can't wait!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dinner and a Movie

So you're on a blind date. You go to dinner... talk about awkward! During dinner, he goes on and on about himself. You can't get a word in egdewise. Plus, he looks kind of creepy! You just want to get away from this horrible date!

But sadly, you are already obligated to also go to a movie. You show up to the theater. All the movies have already started. Well,... all but one. It's an R rated movie full of sex and such things. That's all you need, right? Watching raunchy sex with a creepy guy. Ewww!

So, do you:
  1. Buy tickets for the show that started 20 minutes ago. Tell him "The begining is always unimportant anyways."
  2. Buy tickets to the next movie, which doesn't start for 45 minutes. While you wait, go grab some coffee at the nearby Starbucks. Prolong the date even longer.
  3. Just go see the nasty movie. Close your eyes, and pretend you're in a happy place.
  4. Lie and say, "I've seen that already. It's dumb." Then ask if he could just take you home.
  5. Something original

If you're a guy... then just reverse the scenario.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Here Comes the Bride!

So, I have a wedding I'm going to on Saturday. I'm excited! I get to wear a really sexy bride's maid dress! Too bad I'm boyfriend-less.

So, here's the question: Is a wedding a good place to pick guys up? Should I try to go for it? (... though I'm not sure how many single guys might be there)

Sorry this is short and has no links. (I will be trying to continue the links) I really need to get going. I just didn't want to make yall wait! And sorry if it's a dumb question. It's late!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Here's what's new

I thought I'd share my views on question-blogging.

Since the beginning, I set a standard for myself. I would post a new question when there were 5 replies OR 2 days gone by. For the longest time, it was when 2 days went by.

But now I have a posse! (I love that word!) And almost as soon as I post the quesion, I have 7 replies. So I need to post a new one everyday. (Or at least, I try to!)

The best part of blogging for me is finding all of the random links. But I can spend 2 hours trying to find the best ones to fit the post. So, it is time consuming... but worth it, in my opinion.

Well, here's my question:

Should I keep up the links? Do you actually look at them? I know some are lame... But most are awesome! Should I keep it up?

If you say yes, then on weekends, I'll try to pre-write 3 or 4 questions and then quick post them each day. If you say "get rid of it" then I'll just post as I go.

I really am curious to see if yall actually DO look at those links.

Let me know!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

time for something thought-provoking.

"They can be funny, thought-provoking, and sometimes, just plain pointless."

this is what's written on the top of this blog. well, we've had funny questions. we've had plain-pointless questions. but has there been a thought-provoking question? (that's one in and of itself.)

so, here we go...

What is the greatest lesson you've learned in life? you can be as vague OR as specific as you'd like. (though, no 500-word essays, please!)

talk about provoking a thought! (or two!)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Going a Little Nuts

I love flying! I used to fly a lot, but I haven't in a long while. How sad.

Whenever I would fly, I would get SOOO excited for.... you guessed it! ... the complimentary peanuts! For some reason, they are the BEST peanuts in the world.

Several years ago, I flew down to Venezuela with my sister. On the flight, there were no peanuts. How sad! Instead they had baked banana chips.... GROSS!

What would you like to see served on an airplane?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

To sleep, perchance to dream

You know I must be tired when I'm quoting Shakespeare.

It's midnight.

Someone please tell me to get off the internet and go to bed!

God, I'm tired.


Yall have been spoiled rotten! For the past week or so, I took my blog back from becky. You reaped the benefits of my witty repartee.

But I am a very busy lady. I must say goodbye. Now, don't cry for me (argentina?). I won't be gone forever! I pre-wrote a few questions for future use. Becky is going to be writing the next several posts. She's just a stay-at-home mommy... so she's not that busy. (I'm sure Becky and Clairissa will have plenty to say about that!)

I'm too addicted to blogging, so I probably will be back next weekend to write more.

If you miss me too much, go back to some former questions, and get your fix.