Saturday, December 02, 2006

Death of a Salesman

So, I've heard that's a good play and all- D. of a SM. Never read it though. (It is a play, right?)

Regardless, I thought it a good title for my newest, last post.

Give myself a grand finale of sorts.

But this isn't going to be grand, just a finale. I didn't want people to stumble across this blog and say- I wonder where this chick went to. Or my old fans to wonder if I died all of a sudden. Though, those people also know that Becky L is my sister, and she still writes about me occassionally.

I just got too busy with life in general. No, I didn't get swept off my feet by Prince Charming... not even by Prince Not-Quite-So-Charming-But-Will-Do. (Didn't you know the the S in Abigail S means Single?)

Nothing at all exciting. I'm working 2 jobs, teaching Kindergarten and working at a women's clothing store. Crazy Busy!

One awesome thing- for my old peeps, if they ever wander back. I finally moved out of my parents'! Now I live w/ anotehr teacher from my school, only 5 minutes away from the school! No more hour drives every day! ... Though my second job is an hour away... but that's only 3x a week, not everyday.

You may be thinking "Why don't you just delete this blog?" Well, here's why. I hold the smallest glimmer of hope that one day I may get to the point where I can pick it back up. "Cuz (as cocky as it may sound) I think this is a great blog! A very unique idea. So, that's that!

Well, goodbye my friends. Til we meet again! Kiss, kiss, hug, hug.